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What Makes Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanities So Popular?


Wall-mounted bathroom vanities or “floating vanities” as they are often called are a new design that is emerging into the bathroom scene slowly but steadily. These vanities have been prevalent and popular for some time now in industrial as well as commercial settings. In the last decade or so, floating vanities have become even more popular in residential applications as well.

Let us check out what makes these wall-mounted bathroom vanities or floating vanities so popular!

  1. Innovative

The Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are very innovative. Each and every style and design of these vanities have a unique touch of innovation in them and aims at making it more comfortable for you. The best thing about these vanities is that they don’t require any flat surface so the designers have the luxury to play around with various styles and structures that can be hung up on the walls. So, it is easy to design them as five separate set of vanities hung together in a specific style.  

  1. Light

These vanities are stiff yet light, the perfect combination to make them durable and work out the wall hanging design at the same time. These are significantly lighter when compared to the floor-standing, large and single-pieced vanities. Once you get a professional to install a wall-mounted bathroom vanity in your bathroom, you can enjoy durable vanities with ample storage space that do not take up too much space in your bathroom.   

  1. Space Optimized

One of the things that make these wall vanities stand apart is the fact that they are highly spaced optimized. Since they do not require a special surface, you save up on a lot of space already. Moreover, you can choose to have various sets and hang them on your bathroom walls as per your requirements. You can do much more and store a lot more things on a wall vanity than a regular one.

  1. Fashionable

On top of everything else, wall vanities are fashionable. Everyone is looking to add some glamor to their bathrooms through these wall vanities. Many people have adopted them, and they are truly in fashion right now. There has to be a good reason for many people to go for it and make it the fashion of today. Of course, there are several reasons. They not just look elegant but also are very useful. Therefore, it is only obvious that these vanities are in fashion at the moment!

  1. Trendy

And the last reason for the immense popularity of these bathroom vanities is that they are extremely stylish. They are super economical, functional, practical and future-forward, all of which make these wall-mounted vanities to be extremely trendy. They add a significant bit of “pizzazz” to practicality and are not just efficient but also a statement for your bathroom!  

Final Words

You have got enough reasons to choose a nice and stylish wall vanity for your bathroom. So, which one are you going for? Choose one NOW and enjoy the luxury!