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Top Five Savvy Bathroom Storage Cabinet Ideas

Installing bathroom cabinets is an excellent idea if you wish to create ample storage space in your bathroom efficiently and elegantly. Bathroom storage does not have to be a messy affair anymore! With the following top 5 savvy bathroom storage cabinet ideas, you can have the perfect place to store all your bathroom essentials neatly and exactly where you can find them!

  1. Floating Vanity Storage

Although the size of floating vanity storage is small, this contemporary design offers ample storage space in the bathroom. The vanity comes with a huge center drawer with a customized laundry hamper. There are also many drawers and dividers where you can easily and efficiently organize your toothbrushes, creams, toiletries, etc. A hanging vanity always amplifies the space and also makes it a piece of cake for you to clean the area well.  

  1. Sleek Open Shelving

A contemporary style, sleek vanity as well as a bathroom are a thing of envy. Instead of hiding all your things such as towels, baskets, beauty products, etc., display them in shelves and leave the counter empty for everyday essentials.     

  1. Plenty of Storage

Do you love to have love to have a lot of storage in your bathroom? You can go for a style with plenty of cabinets on the top and the bottom of the sink so that you have a separate space for all kinds of toiletries that you want to store there. Just make sure to go for a grand front sink so as to ensure that the water doesn’t get into the cabinets.

  1. Small but Mighty

Most of us are faced with tiny bathroom spaces these days. Therefore, going for a small yet mighty cabinet can help you with the using the space in a better way. Therefore, you can go for a cabinet with a long drawer on the bottom of the vanity. That would leave you with a lot of storage space to keep things like your hair dryers, extra towels, and all your makeup and skin care products. Here, a vessel sink will also leave you with a lot of space on the top shelf to keep your toothbrush stand and other things. So, do look out for a spacious cabinet if you have a tiny bathroom.

  1. Less Is More

If you have a small bathroom, it is better to have cabinets that help you in optimum utilization of the space. Therefore, you can use a small customized piece of furniture with a drawer and long legs, so it gives you a more spacious feel. Additionally, instead of a regular sink, you can try to add a vessel sink to make it look more spacious and elegant at the same time. If you add one or two drawers in the customized cabinet, it will give you enough space to store your dental kit, extra towels for guests and even a few packs of extra toilet papers.

Final Words

These are some fantastic bathroom storage cabinet ideas to enhance the beauty of your bathroom and make it comfortable for you. Which one are you trying?