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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Shower

Electric showers can make for an incredible choice if you are on the lookout for an easy fit for your bathroom at affordable prices. They are also more energy efficient, and you can save a lot of hot water by using a good electric shower installed in your bathroom. However, before thinking about buying one for your bathroom, here is all you need to know about them!  

  1. What Are Electric Showers?

Electric showers are the energy efficient showers which do not require showers from any kinds of heaters or boilers. It is a self-contained unit that heats the water as and when it is needed. So, you only need to hook it up to a water supply, and your work is done. It does not waste any hot water, so you end up saving a lot of energy.

  1. How Do They Work?

Electric showers function precisely in the same manner as a household kettle. The cold water entering the unit gets transferred to a container where it heats quickly. This part of the electric shower is quite small but super powerful. The hot water then goes back into the cold water through a thermostatic valve. Therefore, one of the most valuable benefits of having an electric shower installed is you do not have to worry about being drenched in freezing cold or boiling hot water every single time somebody in the house flushes the toilet or turns on the tap of hot water. As a result, the temperature of the valve can be controlled, and you can enjoy a safe and comfortable showering experience!      

  1. How to Install Them in Your Bathroom?

You must get the installation of an electric shower by an expert because it needs to be hooked to a cold-water supply as well as the electricity. It requires running electricity to function. There is also a safety button to switch the shower off, so you need to make sure that it is connected to that ceiling mounted switch. Proper safety measures must be in place when you work with electric showers.

  1. Are They Good?

Electric showers are good if you already have a cold-water supply. So, if you are adding a new bathroom, all you need to do is get a cold-water supply. Then, you can just attach the electric shower, and you are good to go. If you are high on energy saving and want to work on not wasting hot water, this is the shower for you. However, if you are more comfortable with the regular traditional showers, you can just stick to them. So, it is totally your call if you want to go for it or not.

Final Words

Electric showers are amazing, and they are energy efficient. You only heat water that you need so there is little or no wastage of hot water. However, if you plan to get these installed in your bathroom, make sure you get an expert and take care of all the safety measures.