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The Top Benefits of Owning A Mixer Shower

Mixer Showers are a manual shower system which is common in residential complexes, and most people are familiar with them too. However, should you really have them as a part of your bathroom? Do they serve any purpose and why are they better than electric showers? Let us check out the top 4 benefits of owning a mixer shower and having one installed in your bathroom!  

  1. Comfortable

Mixer showers are comfortable because they give you the right amount of hot water required for your shower. They are neither too hot nor too cold. You can choose and mix the hot and cold water and get the temperature just right to your maximum comfort. In addition to that, they are extremely convenient and tend to maintain the water temperature that you have pre-selected so that you can enjoy the shower and have a nice experience. Also, if at any time you wish to put a halt to the shower, the thermostat works wonders by finding the same exact temperature of the water when you start the flow of water again.

  1. Gives More Water

You get a lot of water out of a mixer shower because it draws hot water that is stored. Mixer showers will never disappoint you if you love taking long showers. There is a lot of water stored and is heated already so when you use the shower; it simply draws water from its storage. On the contrary, a thermostat shower gives you only a limited flow of water. This is because of the water pressure of 0.1 bar that they work with to pump out water. So, a mixer shower is definitely a better option for you if you don’t like short and quick showers.

  1. Safe

The best benefit of mixer showers is perhaps that they use a pre-selected temperature of water and it remains constant at all times. Throughout the duration of your shower, you can expect a consistent and continuous water supply that does not change its temperature during the process. Therefore, you do not have to be preoccupied about getting a surprising shock when freezing cold water from the shower falls on you or if you are scalded by the temperature rise in the shower suddenly. In addition to that, the outer surface of the shower head or the entire unit is just the right temperature so that you do not burn yourself while turning the levers.  

  1. Smaller & Sleek Units

The mixer showers have a small and sleek unit that does not occupy a lot of space in your toilet. The entire system can absolutely go inside the wall with only the functional units visible. This also ensures that your shower has an elegant look.

Final Words

As is evident, mixer showers have a lot of benefits and deliver an outstanding performance in bathrooms. The smart thermostat is just what you need to get the water to the exact temperature you desire for a phenomenal showering experience!