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Five Statement Bathroom Taps to Look Out For

If you wish to transform your bathroom and get a total renovation but do not have the required money to get it done, you should consider updating the bathroom taps instead. This simple new addition can add a pleasant change to your entire bathroom and brighten up space in no time. In addition to that, you can create a brand-new look for your bathroom, simply by investing in a few modern bathroom taps! Let us check out the top 5 statement bathroom taps to look out for this season!   

  1. Ultra Ethnic

Ultra Ethnic is a highly luxurious and stylish wall mounted tap that is a mix of a tap and a shower. It saves you from having an additional shower fitting in your bathroom. It is also amazing because it adds a touch of contemporary design to your bathroom. Ultra-ethnic is also compact, so it does not take a lot of space on your bathroom wall. Go for it if you want to give your bathroom a new look!  

  1. Premier Waterfall

Premier Waterfall is an ultra-modern design that offers a stunning waterfall effect. This tap is definitely one of the bolder designs in the market today that will go well with any contemporary bathroom. It has square edges with complementary top levers that assist in operating the cold and hot water supply separately. This modern piece of equipment definitely stands out and demands attention from people.

  1. Ultra Freya

Ultra Freya is another modern design with geometric lines. It has a curved style, and its look is elegant which is as unique as it gets. The curved side lever and elegant spout will definitely get all your guests talking. This tap is anything but ordinary and makes for a stunning contemporary piece of hardware in your bathroom.   

  1. Frontline Gemini

 This Frontline Gemini tap is perfect if you want to add new bath taps to your toilet. They are simple two tap holes but with the modern twist given to the traditional design. They have a stylish lever and a round body. It will definitely give an extravagant look to your bathroom. You can also use it on your basin if you want. It would go perfectly well with your other bathroom accessories.

  1. Elite Tec

If you are one of those lucky ones with a free-standing bath in your bathroom, then the Elite Tac can be all the accessory you need to add a layer of luxury to your bathroom. It has an elegant design, and the bath feature of this tap oozes luxury and extravagance. In addition to that, it has a super slim design which provides added flexibility in the bath to enhance your bathing experience. Choose this tap to make a statement like nothing else!  

Final Words

New bathroom taps can make a massive difference to the overall look of your bathroom. Just choose a great style that would blend well with your other accessories, and you will see a huge difference.