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Five Pieces of Furniture That You Can Turn into A Bathroom Storage Space

Gone are the days when a bathroom vanity was supposed to be straight or of a particular design. We live in an age of innovation and uniqueness! When it comes to the bathroom furniture, there are a number of things in your house that you can easily turn into a bathroom storage space. Ever thought about what those things can be and how to beat the conventional? Let’s find out the top 5 things you can use convert into a DIY bathroom storage space!

  1. An Old Office Table

Thinking of throwing away your old office table? Think again! You may want to recycle it and use it as a bathroom vanity. It will have all the essentials that you need in the toilet including the drawers to store your bathroom essentials like your skin care and hair care kits. You can even have some more space to store your extra toilet papers and extra towels for the guests.

  1. A Hall Table

A hall table or an altar can be repurposed to create a simple yet practical bathroom vanity with lots of storage space. It comes with a square sink that rests atop the surface, and it goes well with the entire decor of the bathroom comprising of rectangular as well as geometric woodwork details.

  1. Antique Storage Cabinets

You can also use an antique storage cabinet or an old desk to adapt it into a bathroom vanity space. This desk which is usually used for seated working can help you in the bathroom when it is time to get ready for work. This antique bureau fits well with any bathroom and complements the decor well. In addition to that, the several drawers on the sides help in creating plenty of storage space so that you do not have to worry about storing your essentials neatly.

  1. Old Enclosed Shoe Rack  

An old enclosed shoe rack can be ideal as a toilet vanity because of the number of shelves it has to store all the things that you want to place in your toilet. It can easily fit under your sink and help you optimize the space in the best possible way. All your things falling away in your toilet will be a thing of the past if you start keeping them in the numerous shelves available in a shoe rack.

  1. A Sideboard

A midcentury sideboard is just what you need in your bathroom to repurpose it into a vanity space with many drawers. It is quite narrow and comes with two sliding doors in addition to ample space at the countertop too. It has a retro look that provides a modern and soft appearance to the decor of your entire bathroom.

Final Words

So, there are indeed many things that you can recycle and use as your bathroom furniture and vanity items. These are only some of the options, but if you stop and look around, you might actually find many more things to enhance your toilet.