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5 Crucial Design Tips for Your Own Bespoke Shower Screen

If you have finally decided to get rid of that outdated shower and replace it with a brand-new bespoke shower screen, good for you! Bespoke shower screens can add a whole new look and style to your bathroom. They can also add a modern and contemporary touch to your passé shower space. Therefore, if you wish to enhance the functionality of your shower and add an aesthetic touch to it at the same time, here are 5 crucial design tips for your own bespoke shower screen!  

  1. Check the Slope of The Shower Seat

One of the crucial things to remember here is that the shower slope should be towards the drain and it must be 5 degrees to make sure that all the water gets drained out properly. This will also make sure that you don’t end up with a clogged bathroom after every shower.

  1. Be Aware of The Angles

Make sure that you are aware of the angles with which you work. You must plan it at an angle of 180 degrees, 135 degrees or 90 degrees. Most of the ready-made hardware of a shower is built at these angles. So, if you plan well in advance, you will make sure that it is cost-effective. Moreover, if you need to change the fittings in the future, you will most likely get it without too much hassle.

  1. Know the Required Width of Glass Panels

Remember that every glass panel must at least be 4½” wide. This is the minimum requirement for the width of glass panels in a bespoke shower screen. This minimum width of the glass panels is set for the optimal support to the hardware and tempering glass. Also, you must ensure that the width of the door is at least 22” and a maximum of 36”. Anything more than that and you will have a troublesome installation process.     

  1. Check the Position of The Shower Head

In order to minimize the leakage in your shower, it is best to tilt it towards the fixed panels or the tiled walls. Also, remember not to position it in a way that it faces the door unless you are 100% sure that your shower head would face down. Anyway, it is better not to do it avoid water splashing out.

  1. Plumbing Information

If you wish to avoid uneven joints and also prevent gaps, you must ensure that the wall and the glass panel or the door must be vertical in a precise manner, also known as “plumb.” This helps to avoid the entire shower screen to be prone to leaks. In addition to that, it makes the entire bespoke shower screen look attractive.  

Final Words

Showers are an essential accessory in your bathroom because you are going to use it a lot. So, invest some time in planning it to make sure that the final result is simply amazing. Having a bespoke shower screen can alleviate all of your worries, particularly if you have an odd shaped shower area!